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A Little Bit About Me...





Yes, I have a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology and health education. Yes, I have a certification as a master life and health coach. Yes, I'm back in school getting my master's degree in health psychology. Yes, I'm working on my Intuitive Eating Counselor certification. Yes, I have 30 years (and counting!) experience in this field. And yes, I have had hundreds of articles and books published and have spoken and taught to thousands of people from all walks of life. 

But WHO am I? Keep reading...

My Story

I am...a strong, confident, beautiful, intelligent, independent, successful woman. It took me a long time to be able to say that out loud and believe it! I can teach you how to do the same! 

I am also an eating disorder conquerer...a recovering perfectionist...a compassionate, inspiring, down-to-earth, funny (at least I think I am!), lip gloss-loving (slightly obsessed!) woman and divorced mom of four sons who gets what it's like to struggle with limiting beliefs and fear of leaving my comfort zone. I have struggled with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and believing that I deserve a life of abundance -- in every way. But I overcame these struggles (and am working on a few more!), and so can you, because YOU were created to be amazing and do amazing things! Believe it! xoxo

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